18K LUXE for LESS: Water-Proof, Non-Allergic, Non-Tarnish, Non-Toxic.

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At HACKNEY NINE we believe that every woman deserves to indulge in a little luxury, without breaking the bank. That's why we have made it our mission to bring you the most stylish quality jewellery at prices that won't leave your customer's wallet crying. (read our Fair Pricing Policy)

Spanning two generations of Indo-British-Canadians, our story goes back to the town of Hackney, postal code E9, in the east end of London, England, where our fashion journey started in the early 1980's, and now continues with the next generation in Vancouver BC, Canada. Over the years we have tuned our product ideas to meet the evolving needs & desires of our customers, who remain central to our endeavours. Our design ethos seeks to create magic in the mundane and beauty in the banished. 

Using a combination of traditional artisan methods and modern manufacturing techniques, we use a premium graded proprietary base metal to craft our jewellery in small batches. Vacuum layered in opulent 18 karat pure gold, and ultra-luxe silver tone. Non tarnish. Non allergic. Water-resistant. Non-toxic: free of nickel, lead, zinc and cadmium.

As adornments, we use responsibly sourced, sustainable non-conflict AAA zirconia, natural stone & shell, and fresh-water natural pearls. 

hackney-nine | hackneynine | our-story

While we travel the globe for creative ideas, our design aesthetic is also influenced by our everyday interaction with friends, family and community, drawing inspiration from art, vintage and music. We offer distinctive pieces for daily wear with a hint of luxe, yet affordable, that integrate effortlessly into a modern lifestyle.


We believe that organizations and individuals, as they pursue their economic goals, should also be guided by an ideal towards a greater good; with particular reference to gender and racial equality. We are advocates of the the belief that all people are of equal worth and are entitled to equal respect.
A cause close to our hearts, that specially affects females, is the fight against modern slavery, prevalent in many underdeveloped countries and those with minority communities. We support FREE THE SLAVES (www.freetheslaves.net) in their initiatives to tackle modern slavery.